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Your journey to wellness

Using the power of nature to help children, adolescents and women maneuver through anxiety and more.   

Welcome to Ginger & Thyme Wellness where Dr. Nathalie Chery uses her training in naturopathic medicine to help individuals and families cope with challenges of allergies, anxiety and more.


Life is full of distractions to our emotional, mental and physical health. The ability to take some time to focus on you is often pushed to the back on our list of to do's. Whether it be achieving your ideal success or just trying to manage through a constantly changing world, let's face it, your health can either make the ride go a little smoother or bumpier.


At Ginger & Thyme Wellness, attention is placed on you as a whole. You are an individual  so you will receive natural personalized suggestions to help you navigate "your healthy". You'll learn tools that can help you and your community. What are your needs? How can we work together to bring balance? 


  • Do you want to improve in your wellness but not sure where to start?

  • Do you want your family to start eating and living a healthier life?

  • Are you dealing with brain fog, unexplained headaches and or unexplained acne?

  • Would you like to see your child blossom instead of being held back from stomach pains after eating and being singled out by their classmates at school?

  • Are you anxious, excessively worrying and want a natural approach to feeling good?

  • Are you planning for a family and have underlying health issues?

  • Are you planning to get pregnant and want holistic support to improve your outcomes?

  • Have you just delivered and want holistic support to continue to heal and enjoy your new child?  

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Happy Friends
Family Planning
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We can help

Our Focus

  • Anxiety

  • Allergies

  • Wellness

  • Maternal Health

  • Women's Health

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Charlotte, NC 28226

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