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Her Story

Everyone has a beginning to their health journey. Mine started as a child. From childhood asthma to seasonal allergies, medical doctors supported me the best way they knew; an inhaler and steroid nasal sprays, including periodical antibiotics. Later I was known by friends and family as the one who would bring her food to gatherings .Or I had tons of questions about the ingredients in the food they shared, to make sure there were no known allergens. My medical doctors told me that what I ate didn't play a huge role in my health but losing weight would equal healthy. So I started on a cycle of dieting and valuing self-worth based on size. At a later date was told by my medical doctor that my complaints must be in my head since the medical test were ok. And I would always have unbearable menstrual pain that sent me to the ER on countless occasions for the rest of my life. If you are visiting this website, then you get the picture. Maybe this even sounds like yours or your loved one's story.

Wanting to care for people was and remains at the core of who I am. But never imagined that I could include aspects that were at the root of my culture and upbringing into helping others navigate "their healthy". Nutrition and herbs became a part of me before I knew naturopathy. 

Eventually, after many unanswered doors in medicine related to my health, I stumbled upon holistic medicine and Asian medicine. Yes, my health started to improve. Then I learned about naturopathic medicine and took the journey to naturopathic medical school. As I learned, I tested different approaches to healing on myself and under the guidance of a fellow naturopathic doctor who had been practicing for many years. My health now isn't perfect, no one's is. It's about reaching a level of "your healthy" however that may look.

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A little spice with ginger and breathe with thyme!

I received my BA in English -creative writing focus with a minor in biology and art history from Brooklyn College in New York. Later I graduated from the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine as a Doctor of Naturopathy (ND). As a first-generation Haitian American, my house always had several herbs and spices that I included in my cooking, baking, and home remedies. Among them were ginger and thyme, which I loved and referred friends and family to use for various health issues. During my naturopathic training I learned why ginger and thyme worked and how their drug interactions. I also enjoyed creating personalized herbal tinctures  including a variety of herbs that my patients loved.

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