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Herbal Treatment




"the access to this information and support was essential for me on my ongoing journey to health, self care and self love. I have a strong long walk ahead of me and with the support and resources I received and learned here, i am on my way to a brighter so excited and grateful!"



"Working with Nathalie was a change of pace for me. I'm so used to quick fix doctors that don't have a lot of time for patients. Normally you're subscribed to some time of medication to cover the pain that you're experiencing. Within 15-20 minutes you're done. Nathalie was kind enough to spend nearly 2hrs with me during our first meeting to understand the full nature of my health history. I was so appreciative! She asked tons of detailed questions like, "How do I deal with stress" and "What does your diet consist of". She understood the correlation between diet and illness which is important to me.
During my time working with her, she also sent me some recommended herbs as well as a full recipe list on what I should be eating moving forward. She showed her knowledge and her care.
That was enough for me."

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