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Anxiety Kit

Will you be traveling? Spending extra time with family and friends? Or maybe you will soon be enjoying the extra days off to do some housework or volunteer? During this time of year, there is often a frenzy in the air. There may be several moments of the “unexpected”; from delayed flights to lost luggage to seeing friends and family who you haven’t spoken to or seen face to face in a long time. All of these situations are out of your control. So as you make your way through what can cause uneasiness and anxious thoughts, being prepared can make a difference in your mental health.

Wear something comfy that makes you feel and look great.

Redirect your anxiety to something creative like journaling, drawing, and coloring. So bring a notebook and or colored pencils.

Carry a snack- High in B vitamins and magnesium- carrot sticks with tahini (sesame seeds), whole grain toast with almond butter and pumpkin seeds, granola bars, nuts and seeds, citrus fruit


  • Essential oils are fabulous! - Inhale directly from the bottle or use a roll-on version to apply to your wrist. The oils derived from these botanicals work well to calm the mind: lavender, peppermint, bergamot, chamomile

  • Rescue Remedy - Bach has a spray and dropper form. Choose which works for you.

  • Tea

Calming music

It can calm nervousness, ease muscle tension, lower your heart rate, and release serotonin (decreases anxiety and increases a good mood-happiness.) Avoid songs that bring up negative emotions and sadness…forget the breakup songs

Deep breathing or relaxation technique.

When your body is relaxed, your mind follows.

Note to self

In everything, give yourself space to feel your emotions while redirecting your energy to productive and positive thoughts. Inform others if you need personal time to process, then step back into the situation with a positive outlook and a calm mind.


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