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Is it allergies? Is it a cold? Is it Covid-19?

So my dad recently had COVID-19, gulp. He has a past medical history that caused my immediate and extended family to be very nervous, double gulp.

For those of you with an immigrant father, especially from the Caribbean, they often don’t believe that they are getting sick. Or that allergies are a possibility, “That’s for you kids born in America.” As he sniffles, scratches the back of the throat (that often sounds like a loud deep clicking/knocking sound. If you have family from the Caribbean you know what I’m talking about lol.), and then clears out some mucus from a forced hack. All the while professing that what he feels is gas, just muscle pain and something in the back of the throat that will be fine with some lemon, honey, and kick of rum (reminder alcohol is only for adults).

People who moved from the Caribbean to the United Sates don’t suffer with allergies...righhhht...

On a serious note environmental allergies are possible for anyone especially if you live in an area with high levels of air pollution. Got allergies let's talk!

Simple Steps

During this fall and winter season you no doubt have heard the sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and nasal congestion while at work, school, on the plane, etc. Or maybe you have similar symptoms and are not sure what is going on. Rather than think the worst which will bring much anxiety take simple steps.

  1. Know the difference between allergies, a cold, flu, and COVID-19. (Check the list below)

  2. If you feel sick, stay home so you don't infect your coworkers or classmates. Pay attention to your body, you can tell when something is off.

  3. Call your doctor for medical advice. They can help you determine what steps to take given your medical history.

  4. If you learn that you have covid-19 follow CDC guidelines to maintain the safety of yourself and others.

If you have the flu or Covid-19 get some rest and more rest.


The Mayo Clinic has a great article including charts with symptom differences between allergies, a cold, flu, and covid-19. Here are some differences and similarities:


Itchy eyes and nose, sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy nose, post-nasal drip,

sometimes tiredness




Natural Support

The following is additional information that have helped support allergies and colds:

  1. Fluids with electrolytes. Check electrolyte packages and drinks for the type of sugar. You may not be able to avoid cane sugar but if you love your body refrain from high fructose corn syrup. Consider coconut water as an alternative.

  2. Chicken soup and or bone broth. For those on a low histamine diet and those with very sensitive allergies, bone broth may not be the best option due to histamine content.

  3. Teas, you know I love my ginger & thyme.

    1. Some actions of Ginger: expectorant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and strong circulatory (Do NOT take if you have a bleeding disorder, taking blood thinners, excessive dose in diabetics can cause hypoglycemia.)

    2. Some actions of Thyme: anti-viral, expectorant, regulate your mood, cough remedy (Do NOT take if taking anticoagulants and anti-platelet drugs; pregnant.)

  4. Neti pot or Sinus Rinse - Once to twice a day can help to remove allergens and mucus associated with colds to increase natural nasal breathing and reduce the post-nasal drip.

  5. Check out blog post for additional information.

All information on this site is strictly for educational purposes. The information is not to be used to diagnose. Please speak to a trained professional before beginning any new herbs, supplements, and health products.


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