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"Let food be thy medicine" Intro

Hippocrates was credited with saying these words many years ago. Nutrition remains at the heart of naturopathic medicine. As naturopathic doctors, we work with the body's natural ability to heal using tools like nutritional food to help restore balance. So highlighting food as medicine is natural for me.

6 in 10 adults in the United States has a chronic disease. The conditions at the top are Heart disease, Cancer, Chronic lung disease, Stroke, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, and Chronic kidney disease. The top three are Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Research has shown that lifestyle factors are a major contributor. Do you know someone with any of these conditions?

In a world where the emphasis has been placed on work, speed, and money it can be easy to develop any one of these chronic diseases. Unfortunately, where you live, your race, and or economic status have played a role in access to resources to establish and maintain a healthy life and healthy food options. Healthy food options reduce the risk of certain chronic conditions because of the abundant amount of nutrients obtained by the body and how the body uses those resources. Other factors such as lifestyle, stress, genetic predisposition, traumas, environmental toxins, and the gut's integrity also play a role in your health.

The point?

What we consume daily plays a role in the makeup of our cells, and help us to fight disease, regenerate from injury. What we eat will either promote excess inflammation leading to disease or it will reduce it which helps prevent disease. True it is not the only factor but it is a major one. It once again is something that each of us can control if given the education and tools to do so.

Try this

Many people have made goals at the beginning of this month to lose weight for a healthier life. Instead, focus on improving the quality of nutrient-dense foods in your day-to-day. The weight will naturally come off once your body is being nourished.

  • Eat mostly foods that have been grown rather than packaged.

  • Eat from all colors of the rainbow.

  • The majority of your plate should be non-starchy vegetables

  • The rest can be protein (animal or plant base) and starchy vegetables.

  • Increase fiber-rich foods while increasing water intake.

  • Make use of spices and herbs that are anti-inflammatory.

Maintain balance in everything. Meaning do not over due one type of nutritious food and forget the others groups.

Need help finding local healthy food options?

Need help finding healthy food options that you can afford?

Check out your city's food security department. Including local farmer's markets and nonprofit organizations that focus on providing healthy food to all.

*Before including any new food or herb please speak with your doctor.

*For a more in-depth approach book a free consultation and sign up for the newsletter to learn about classes on this topic.


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